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Light and Liv fully embraces community creating a space that is a home away from home. To offer a place for connection and serenity we ask.
-Before entering the yoga studio for class please remove any footwear, refrain from talking and avoid any use of technology or devices before, during or after class. If you are needing to have your phone or pager with you in class, we ask you silence your device and let the teacher know. The yoga studio is a silent sanctuary for students to enjoy their time in meditation and stillness.
-Light and Liv will follow any mandates by the county, state, and country to keep students and the community safe
-Please continue to practice health and safety precautions. Washing hands and avoid coming to class when sick or have any symptoms.

What is studio etiquette?

You are welcome to bring your own props to classes. Light and Liv will provide yoga blocks, yoga bolsters, yoga straps and dumbbells for students to use for classes.

What do I need to bring for classes?

The studio will be open 15min prior to class. The door will remain locked until 15min before class giving you time to get situated and ready for class.

When do I show up for classes at Light and Liv?

Looking for Answers?

To be fully prepared for class please bring your own Yoga mat, water bottle and hand towel.

What is the air quality like for heated and non-heated classes?

At Light and Liv we are very mindful of the air quality you are breathing. The yoga studio is fully equipped with modern and up to date filtration systems that pump fresh air into the studio while removing bacteria, mold, and other pollutants. For heated classes Light and Liv has its own rooftop unit just for the yoga studio and humidifier. All classes will use a purge to clean the air in between and during classes.

Do you have Props or do we need to bring our own?

We believe you need to try something for more than just a week. Try your first 30-days at Light and Liv for just $45.

Try your first
30-days at Light and Liv for just $45