Light and Liv is a home where we can rest in ourselves, a place to come together and spread light.

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How do I sign up and pay for classes?
You can go to lightandliv.com or the Light and Liv app to purchase and sign up for classes. Pre-registration is required to take class.


1 Yoga Strap

2 Yoga Blocks

A class that embodies the foundations of Vinyasa Yoga, breath with movement. Focusing on proper alignment, holding postures, and flow-based sequences. Soul 1 is a well-rounded class accessible for all levels and a wonderful introduction to those on their journey in discovering Yoga. Props are provided or you may bring your own. 

non-heated, 60 minutes

Soul 1

This class embraces the true essence of aligning breath with movement while providing deep intention. Soul 2 is designed to be creative and inspiring for all levels with an understanding of the basic vinyasa concepts you learn from Soul 1. Props are provided or you may bring your own. 

Heated, 60 minutes

Soul 2

2 Yoga Blocks

1 Yoga Block

A class that moves to a set sequence combining the beauty of vinyasa and traditional hot postures. With a set sequence it allows a meditative state to soak up the bliss in each posture. Bliss is a wonderful class for all levels looking to be in the heat. Props are provided or you may bring your own. 

heated, 60 minutes


Founded by the Owner of Light and Liv. It is a method of removing what doesn’t belong with the foundation of Vinyasa. Unravel takes Yoga to a new world through purpose, dynamic movement, and curiosity. Props are provided or you may bring your own. 

heated, 60 minutes


2 Yoga Blocks

A set of dumbbells- 5lbs, 8lbs

2 Yoga Blocks

Soak up the benefits of holding postures, using props to be supported and focusing on slowing down getting away from the noise of the world. Breathwork, guided meditation and understanding the modern body and mind will allow all students to find their Zen. Props are provided or you may bring your own.

Non-heated, 60 minutes


1 Yoga Strap

1 Bolster

A quarterly experience that begins with intentional, light movement to embrace the power of stillness and guided meditation. This class is for anyone who needs to unwind from their world, connecting with the heart, breath and the true essence of Yoga and mindfulness.

non-heated, 60 minutes


 2 Yoga Blocks

1 Bolster

1 Yoga Strap

A class that melds the flow of vinyasa and strength training. Lift is designed to incorporate functional and cardiovascular movements with a foundation of Yoga while keeping the body moving. Props are provided or you may bring your own.

slightly heated
60 minutes


 2 Yoga Blocks

A set of dumbbells- 3lbs, 5lbs, 8lbs

The teachers are Light and Liv are leaders in the community that are passionate about
Yoga, movement and making sure your class experience is number one.


Unique classes, such as our Surrender series, will be offered every so often to give new perspective, tools, and tips to further your Yoga and wellness.


At Light and Liv, it is our mission to embrace the essence of Yoga through movement and intentional classes. We offer daily classes that offer variety to fit into your unique schedule.


Community and connection are key values at Light and Liv. Highlighting other local businesses and organizations that follow a similar mission in serving the community, we believe Yoga is the glue that connects us all.


Join our local community of like-minded students and teachers and you'll get the following...

Challenge yourself to see within

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